Why We Exist

We believe in proving it’s possible to deliver high-quality, low-cost healthcare to the world’s poor.

Healthcare is broken.

It works the least for those who require it the most. And the world’s poorest need a new approach.

We are a team determined to make a model of durable healthcare work where everyone said it couldn’t be done.


Meet Our Medical Director

Meet Dr. Bikash, our Medical Director who has keen insight and an inspiring vision for how to strengthen our durable healthcare model.

“We keep adding additional services, like digital x-rays, dental work, and an electronic medical record. We keep improving. We are never the same. ”

You probably recognize this man above, who’s been involved with our team since 2010.

Dr. Bikash first heard about our work in 2008 while he was in medical school. Now he’s our Medical Director— and has keen insight and an inspiring vision for how we will take our teaching hospital to remarkable heights for our patients.

Bikash rejoined our team this summer after receiving his doctorate in General Practice and Emergency Medicine so he could advance his skillset and treat more complex cases at our hospital. We recently asked him how it felt to be back with the team and to hear more about the expansion.

So, how does it feel to be back?

It’s such a great feeling to be back at Possible! This is a place where I get so much job satisfaction. I love to be with each and every team member who is eager and enthusiastic to provide better and better services for our patients.

We used to be a very small team when I first joined in 2010. Now, we have a huge number of members (nearing 300) who all share the same dedication. We keep adding additional services, like digital x-rays, dental work, and an electronic medical record. We keep improving. We are never the same.

What is a typical day like for you?

My day is always busy. I start by attending the morning update meeting. Right after we conduct Continual Medical Education classes. Then, I do rounds starting from our Emergency to Inpatient Department. Afterwards I see our patients in our Outpatient Department. Often, I perform surgeries, like caesarian sections, hernia repairs, and appendicectomies.

What has been the most challenging moment for you at Possible? What about the most rewarding?

I think it would be the day when we performed an emergency hysterectomy. It was the most challenging moment, but later it became the most rewarding. She was dying on operation table, and we saved her life.

What excites you most about our hospital expansion?

I’m excited about leading our hospital expansion for so many reasons. Right now, we’re a fifteen bed hospital, and have to treat more patients by making beds on the floor and pushing benches together. That’s the challenging reality. But soon, we’ll not only be able to meet our current needs, but also the additional needs we foresee in the future—providing care to over 250,000 people in Achham District. Our unique Community Health Department will power that reach too by treating patients at their home and at nearby clinics.

Why are you a Possibilist?

“I’m a Possibilist” because I am providing quality health services beyond the imagination of many healthcare policy makers.


With your support as a Possibilist, we are making quality health services imaginable for both our team members like Dr. Bikash, and the hundreds of patients we serve each day.


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