How We Work

Possible’s mission is to improve healthcare for underserved communities.

To achieve this mission, we conduct two activities: 

  • We channelize resources to deliver life-saving healthcare in rural areas of Nepal

Possible facilitates US-based donors interested in supporting direct care delivery in rural Nepal by the Nepali non-profit organization Nyaya Health Nepal, which Possible has had a decade-long partnership.

  • We conduct healthcare delivery research and study innovative approaches to improve health of underserved populations

Possible conducts healthcare delivery research to address the challenges in access, quality, and cost of healthcare in low-resource settings.

In collaboration with academic and public sector partners in the US and Nepal, Possible builds on its long history of both direct care delivery and healthcare research by developing and testing novel interventions across various health categories (e.g., reproductive health, mental health) and at various systems of care (e.g., home-based, clinical-based, and hospital based).

Possible’s expertise is in working closely with community-based organizations to help develop a robust research and innovation infrastructure to create generalizable knowledge that can impact care in other low-resource settings.