Scaling EHR in Public Hospitals across Nepal

In December 2017, Possible entered a collaboration with the German development agency, GIZ, to implement Possible’s electronic health record (NepalEHR), developed with the Ministry of Health. As a critical test of scale, we set out to determine the opportunities and roadblocks to adapting NepalEHR in government hospitals not managed by Possible.

Possible is acting as a technical implementing partner, a distinct role from our direct management role in Achham and Dolakha. The implementation at Trishuli District Hospital, a public hospital in Nuwakot district, serves as an opportunity to conduct research and collect evidence on the feasibility of scaling and institutionalizing the EHR on a national level.

As a healthcare provider committed to health systems innovation and scaling throughout Nepal, we are vested in the success of this project, beyond our role as a vendor.

We define success of this project as (1) the public hospital staff’s engagement with the platform and (2) the culture of data review and analysis embraced at large. The impact of the NepalEHR at scale can only be fully realized if all users across the continuum are fully invested, trained, and continuously learning. These include users who enter data to frontline clinicians to managers. As such, our team has set benchmarks around user experience, adoption, behavior change and usage among staff, costing, and replicability.

The municipality, along with the hospital development board, is providing overall governance oversight and regulation to the EHR deployment. Possible’s team, the hospital staff, and the municipality will work together to ensure risk mitigation. We will continue to share updates regarding the impact of this innovative new area of work for us.




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