Healthcare is a Human Right

Everyone, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the streets of New York City, deserves high-quality healthcare, without financial burden to themselves or their families.

Yet too many people lack access.
Our integrated care delivery model operates from the hospital to one’s home.
We mobilize global best practices to improve healthcare in Nepal.

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Scale of Impact

Patients Treated Since Founding

We’ve treated over 500,000 patients since 2008, with patient volume doubling over the last two years.

Government Investment

We partner with the Ministry of Health for both in-kind expenses and accountability to our outcomes.

Price Point Per Capita

We are building a health system rooted in quality, affordability, and patient-first design.

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Reducing Under-Two Mortality

We observed a reduction in under-two mortality, as well as lower infant and neonatal mortality rates.